Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hanging on to Hope!



My brother Kevin has been on the Kidney Transplant waiting list for more than three years.  There have been highs, there have been lows…but we’re hanging on to hope! 

I keep reading about people who have used the internet to find a kidney donor.  Just last week I read about another case – Indiana Man Finds Kidney on Facebook

Last year I started dedicating this blog to the cause - utilizing, Twitter, CafĂ© Press, and even created the Kidney for Kevin page on Facebook-I have kept holding on to the hope that someone would read about Kevin’s need and decide to give the gift of life. 

Now I’ve added another tool to my arsenal in hopes of increasing awareness about Kevin.  Many of you Facebook users may be familiar with the “Causes” application on Facebook.  I’ve now added a Kidney for Kevin Cause page!  The Causes application is such a convenient way for members to invite their friends to join the cause!  With each read, comes more hope!

For more information about being a living donor, please visit his transplant center’s website.  If you think you could be a donor, the quickest way to start the process is to fill out the Living Donor Referral Form and faxing it in to the Penn Transplant Center. 

As a cadaver kidney hasn’t become available in over 3 years, Kevin’s best hope is to find a living donor.  I  hold on to the hope that this message will reach the most potential donors. If you cannot be a donor, please join the Facebook Cause and Kidney for Kevin pages and share on your own social media outlets.  The more who read, the more hope there is to hang on to.