Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Challenges, New Hope

I am sorry its been so long since I have written an update.  Things have been rather crazy!  There has been a new development in Kevin's kidney saga.  They found a new kidney tumor and tomorrow he will have - hopefully - a partial nephrectomy and not a full one.  

It is my intention to resume the search for a live donor after the surgery!  His GFR is now down to 7 and he will have to begin dialysis immediately after surgery. 

I feel blessed to be with Kevin now and will be for the next ten days.

Rest in peace, Chloe
As if Kevin's kidney failure and pending surgery weren't enough, they learned last week that their beloved dog Chloe, a 6 year old Golden Retriever, was herself in kidney failure!  It was such a shock.  It just didn't seem possible.  Unfortunately, Chloe died this morning.  There are heavy hearts here today. 

If you are a person of faith, please keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers.  He will need you all now more than ever, to help spread the word, to increase awareness of his plight and to ultimately find a live donor.