Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music-Trends Like Fashion

You've heard the saying, "don't throw out those bell bottoms from the 70's, they'll come back into style again someday"...
So too with trends in music. Many of the new bands are definitely styling some retro vibes.

Image of The Postmarks
Consider the Postmarks - a trio from Pompano Beach, Florida. Tim Yehezkely's lead vocals, and often her own fashion sense (see above photo) make me feel transported to the mod 60's. Jonathan Wilkins & Chris Moll (the other 2 of the trio) are multi-talented musicians, playing many instruments and arranging music with pure genius. Their track "My Lucky Charm" from Memoirs at the End of the World, is magically delicious! Groovy vibes made fresh with their Indie-pop sound.

Irish born songstress, Imelda May, is often described as "rockabilly" but the track "Johnny Got a Boom Boom" from her Love Tattoo album, has that 50's/60's jazz/beatnik sound. Not that I never was IN a beatnik club in the 60's, but I imagine it sounded like this! You can almost smell the clouds of cigarette smoke and hear the clink of bar glasses. The bass provides the perfect backdrop for Imelda's Kool-Kit delivery. She's outrageously sexy while exuding an untouchable class (think Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly) This track just settles in, forcing my foot to tap, and fingers to snap. Bongo bango, mingle mangle, ratatat, she's got all that.... (forgive my lame attempt at Beatnik poetry!)


  1. cool. I love both The Postmarks and Imelda May. Johnny got a Boom Boom is a fave. The Boardwalk is also awesome. Great Post!

  2. This post is swell! Fantastic blog too! :)

  3. What I like about Imelda May is She has that touch of "Big Band" in Her music....

    Thank You Pam
    Jay's Dad

  4. I loved the so much of the music of the 1990's for the same reasons.

  5. aloha pam, don't have much words at the moment - I am very very thankful for your loving, sustaining, for just being with me. your sure **feel** me ;-)) ~ OXOXO the wild one

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    But suffering makes one unhappy.
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