Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Gift of Life!

It seems a monumental thing to ask of someone: "Would you please donate a kidney so that my brother may live?" It truly is the gift of life! You could help by simply sharing this information with your friends & family.

If you were contemplating becoming a living donor, you might have some questions about the process!

Will this cost me anything?
The costs of pre-screening and the actual transplant surgery itself, are paid by the insurance company. If you live in a different town than my brother Kevin, some of the pre-screening would be done at a hospital or clinic near you. Any travel expenses ultimately incurred by the donor, would be the recipient's responsibility.

I think I may want to be a donor, how do I start?
The first step would be to contact the Penn Transplant Institute website where you can complete the Kidney Living Donor Referral Form for Kevin Bartley. Then call the transplant team at 215-662-6200. Any inquiry you make would remain confidential.

What kind of testing is involved in being a living donor?
Initially a variety of tests are performed to determine compatibility such as blood type, tissue match and various screenings. If you are deemed to be a match, the transplant center staff then begins a more thorough discussion which would include your reasons for wanting to be a living donor, the surgical process, risks and recovery time as well as providing resources to support you through the process.

What are the benefits of a living donor transplant?
  • You can direct the kidney to a particular recipient.
  • The kidney usually starts working immediately once the transplant is complete vs a much slower start with a cadaver kidney.
  • There is less problems with organ rejection when the kidney comes from a living donor.
What does the actual surgery involve?
The transplant team will review the details of the actual transplant surgery with the donor. The recent advancements in laparoscopic surgery makes it less invasive for the donor & involves smaller incisions. This type of surgery minimizes the risk and recovery time for the donor.

For more information about becoming a Living Donor, The National Kidney Foundation is an excellent resource!

Please share the link to this blog with your email contacts as well as on your own social media sites! The more who know about Kevin's plight, the more hope that he'll find a donor!


  1. Hi Pam, i has a ct scan yesterday and do not get results for 2 weeks. The doc said i am not in a position to give a kidney as my own health issues are ongoing,
    hope you are well
    2Tall from Blip

  2. @Ted - thank you so much for even CONTEMPLATING being a donor! I can't tell you how much your efforts have touched me. All my best for a quick & complete recovery for you! Hugs! Pamela

  3. Its so easy to put decide to give life when yours has ended, but I never thought of donating my organs now while I'm still alive. Thank you so much for the graceful and patience tone you write on this very emotional topic. I'm not in the area but I will follow the simple steps you listed above as soon as I can.

  4. Thank you Tammy! You put it so well - I too have my drivers license set for organ donation when I die. I so wish I were a candidate for my brother but alas, I am not. Thank YOU so much for reading & your heartfelt comments. That you would even contemplate being a living donor is the most amazing gift of all! Words are so inadequate in expressing my deep appreciation! Hugs, Pamela

  5. Donate Life is a great gift that is in our hands. My friend Mimi had died had it not been for a donor

  6. Thank goodness a donor was found for your friend @Siberia! Thank you for reading & commenting!

  7. pamela, a healing light prayer for your brother is arranged. place your trust in the higher dimensions -- you know, even when missing the moon will still land among the stars ;-) much love to you and kevin, yours cassie <3<3<3

  8. @veryheaven thank you for arranging the light prayer for Kevin! I do place my trust in his being healed & so appreciate your love & compassion! Hugs!

  9. My heart breaks just thinking of the struggle that you and yours are enduring. My brother-in-law was a kidney recipient. He was lucky one of his children was compatible & willing. I would love to be a living donor. Since being diagnosed with MS I'm prohibited from even donating blood. Even when I pass, my organs aren't viable for donation so I've made arrangements to have my body donated to a medical school so medical students have the advantage of working with actual flesh & bone. It may sound morbid but I feel certain it will be of some value for research down the road. All I can do now is offer prayers, love & keep passing the word along. You and your brother are in my thoughts and on my heart daily. *hugs*

    fridayschild on blipfm

  10. @fridayschild Thank you so much for your thoughts. Your plan isn't morbid at all, its very admirable. Thank you for reading and commenting!