Monday, April 11, 2011

April-National Donate Life Month

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April is National Donate Life month! If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to register as an organ donor via the US Health & Human Services department!  Once there, just enter your state in the upper right hand corner to register!  Then share the link to this blog with your network of friends!

There are so many people who are waiting for a life-saving donation, the data is almost overwhelming. Each day, 18 people die, still waiting for the Gift of Life! Another person is added to an organ transplant waiting list every eleven minutes! Each registered organ donor could potentially save 8 people’s lives!  Given the number of deaths each day among those waiting for an organ, it is clear that there is a shortage of cadaver donors. That’s why living donations are so important.

My brother Kevin is one of those waiting.  He’s been on the transplant waiting list for 3 years.  His kidney function is abysmal – just 10%.  His greatest hope of living out a normal life span is to receive a living kidney donor transplant.

There are so many angels on the Internet So many to thank for their help in getting the message out about Kevin’s plight!  Literally hundreds and hundreds have blipped, tweeted, shared on Facebook & even added to their personal websites and blogs!  Too many to list here, have done so much to increase awareness of Kevin’s plight & for all those who wait!

If you’re interested in becoming a living kidney donor for Kevin, please fill out the Live Kidney Referral Form and fax it in to the Penn Transplant Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I know that a donor will be found. Maybe its you? Maybe it will be whomever you forward this blog to. 
And finally, be sure to register as an organ donor-The ultimate gift of life! 
You can make a difference!