Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UPDATE!!! Keeping Hope Alive


HOPESince first learning that the donor had been approved for Kevin on May 20th, it has been an emotional roller coaster ride.

Initially on May 23, Kevin was told that the transplant would be on June 7th.  The next day, he was told it would be June 16th…, then on May 24th, he was told it would be on May 31st!

But on May 27th, he was informed that there one of his pre-surgical test results showed cause for concern and the transplant was cancelled.  He has an appointment on Friday June 3rd with a specialist to review these test results. It is my hope that the specialist will determine the irregularity is insignificant and that the transplant can be rescheduled quickly.

In the meantime, Kevin’s overall health declines and with these developments, it is more important than ever that he keeps a positive outlook!  We cannot lose hope! 

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  1. Hi Pamela did you get my messages to you and/or contact the person who left a message on my website offering a kidney. An email address is there