Monday, June 6, 2011

The Search Begins Again


Kidney gift of lifeIt has been quite a tumultuous journey for Kevin and all who love & care for him during this process of finding a live kidney donor.

We’ve been taken to dizzying heights of hope and joy, followed by rapid plunges to the depths of despair.  We’re at one of those low points now, as the transplant planned from the recently approved donor, has been permanently cancelled.  I have no choice but to begin the search again for an angel who is willing and able to offer the gift of life to Kevin.

As long as there is hope that Kevin can be saved, I will continue my search for a live donor!  Wouldn’t you do the same for your loved one? 

If you’d like more information, please visit the Penn Transplant Institute website.  The fastest way to begin the live donor process is to fill out the Live Kidney Donor Referral form and then faxing to the Penn Transplant Institute

There are so many angels who have helped along the way, by simply reposting this blog link, by sharing on your websites and Facebook page, by tweeting about it, and by sharing with music on Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!  I need to ask if you could do so again, as its more critical now than ever before, that Kevin receives a new kidney!  Help me keep the hope alive!    


  1. I am now in Seattle, but lived in Philly most of my life. I have been hoping and praying for you, but honestly it is difficult for me. I clicked the link and it took me to HUP where my brother was when he needed a kidney many years ago. Long before the internet. There was a controversy because my other brother (a minor) wanted so very badly to give him one of his. But my brother was in such poor health that the Doctors only had a 10% hope of the transplant being successful. Apparently the disease that caused his kidneys to fail would have prevented any kidney from working. It was so long ago...and the technology was not as advanced as today.

    I say this not to impose my story on you and your blog...but to let you know how very much I personally feel your pain and think of you often.

    Many are standing by your side through the ups and downs, if not physically, then in spirit...

    ARDELLd your Blip-Friend

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother Ardell! What a coincidence that your from Philly & that was the same hospital that treated your brother.

    It is amazing how much more advanced they've become. Less risk having a kidney removed than a gall bladder! Astounding!

    Thank you for your support and heartfelt comment.

  3. Just posted this link to my facebook, and asked that anyone who reads it, reposts it. Hoping to widen the circle. Just one more drop.

    Much love, in the real world, Cake.

  4. I know that you've probably got all this, but i really do believe, that sometimes, that needle, in the haystack is what works.

  5. Thank you so much, Cake! I believe too - I have always believed that needle will be found!

  6. Hello dear
    How's your brother doing?
    I'm Collins Ifesimeshone an O+ non-alcoholic,non- smoker and of sound health HISTORY.I want to donate my kidney to give life to your brother.
    Since the day i read a health journal how about 1,000 people die daily waiting for kidney donors,i feel i should help one live.
    I've conducted programmes and i'll continue bcos i realy want to give hope to organ recipients.

    I've also gone for TESTS and results came out,doctor says am 100% FIT to donate my kidney or any organ to anyone around the world.Realy i love helping people and can go to any lenght to see them live..
    Reply ASAP

    1. Thank you! At the moment his case is up for review and could be a few weeks before status is known. Are you a US resident?