Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Rushes On

Aw, summer!  Its been wonderful here of late!  I’ve been relishing working in my flower garden and enjoying the new pond and waterfall.  It is so therapeutic and relaxing! Its like a day at the spa, right in my own courtyard!


I’ve been remiss this summer in keeping up on my blog posts! I’m sorry I’ve not kept everyone up to date!

With regards to Kevin’s need for a donor kidney-nothing has changed there unfortunately.  He still needs a donor kidney!  The amazing thing is that in spite of such low kidney function (10%), the level of toxins in his blood has been at such levels that dialysis hasn’t been necessary.  His doctors are amazed! They assume the fact that he is a runner – must be in part, the reason why his body is tolerating the toxins, in spite of his low function. So keep running Kevin!!  

His need for a new kidney is still critical.  The statistics are quite clear – transplant patients who receive the kidney before the need for dialysis, fare better.  That’s simply the facts. 

And so I am continuing my efforts, utilizing the internet & social media, to help locate that angel who is willing and able to give Kevin the gift of life!  I still believe that person is out here, somewhere. You could help by simply posting this blog’s link on your own social media sites – ie: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your own blog or website. The more people who read this, the more hope it will fall on the right eyes!  It has happened before I know it can happen again!  I won’t give up hope!

To start the living donor process for Kevin, simply fill out the Live Kidney Donor Referral form and fax it to the Penn Transplant Institute in Philadelphia. 


  1. I can always use a hug! Thank you @pratinsky!

  2. Hi Pamela I've just returned from a long trip away & have received a couple more responses on my website from people offering to be donors. I don't know who these people are but if you'd like to visit my site again when you have time www.dreamsareforliving.com to collect the information they've left. I would be interested to hear if anything comes of it. Good luck with your continuing search I do hope something comes up soon. Cheers.

  3. Hay Ladypn Just read your post(garden is beautiful by the way) I will post def post your link ... Stay Faithfull! DaNightOwl

  4. Hi Pamela I have received another offer of a kidney recently on my website if you would like to take a look & contact them directly if interested. I will be closing the thread in a couple of weeks so that gives you time to check it out.